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Back To It! Black History Month- 2024

Greetings and salutations to my readers! The past year was filled with much needed growth, and healing. While I wasn't actively posting on my site, I kept busy curating content and publishing pieces for other entities. Today, is the final day of January 2024. It has been filled with happiness, change, and smiles. I can firmly state that this month was wonderous- and I declare that February, and the rest of the year ahead will be glorious!


Every year, the United States President makes a proclamation on National Black History Month. As far back as 1975, there has been a national "call" to observe, and to honor those ancestors who came before us. This country has NOT been kind to those who look like myself- especially to people like my parents, who are immigrants to this nation. What is the meaning of this month to those like me? I believe Black people from across the diaspora owe it to ourselves, our partners, our children- to commemorate the excellence and beauty that is BLACK.


Throughout the next 29 days (yes, this year is a LEAP year)- I shall be highlighting the works of a myriad of Black authors, chefs, architects, moguls and much more. I will share the books I picked up today during my lunch break, that I will be reading, and reviewing over the next few weeks. In the meantime, check out the "Proclamation on National Black History Month-2024" straight from our President's desk. Enjoy.

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